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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A One-Day-Trip to Titi & Broga, Negeri Sembilan

On August 20, 2012 (Monday) in conjunction with the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aildifitri, 12 of us travelled for a one-day trip to Titi (知知港) and Broga (武来岸) of Negeri Sembilan in 3 cars, comprising my friend Anthony Kon, my wife Soh Ai, sons Wai Kit and Wai Kei, and myself in my car; Yong Yew Khoon, his wife Kan Pian, sons SengJye and SongYew in their car; and David Ng, his wife and son Kerwin in another car.

We left Bandar Sg Long at about 8.45am, took Jalan Hulu Langat (before Batu 9 Cheras toll), passed by the scenic Semenyih dam, headed towards Kuala Klawang (there is no signboard showing Titi, but this town. From the route we took, Titi is a town before Kuala Klawang). The road is winding and climbing at a certain stretch. It took us slightly more than an hour to reach Titi town at 9.50am.

The first thing we did was to have our breakfast at a coffee shop without Chinese name. We took wantan noodles, stuffed taufu, stuffed bitter gourt, laksa mee (the kids), steamed bread (the kids), coffee, herbal tea and etc. The taste of the food was pretty good. I took the opportunity to play host and paid the bill amounting to RM 82.00.

After breakfast at 11.00am, we wanted to visit the local market but were told it was closed. We went to the famous ‘颂成’ shop to buy various kinds of ‘kuih’ (or bite-sized snack or dessert foods). Each piece costs RM 0.60. This shop is apparently very popular with many tourists queuing to buy. I bought 14 pieces all together.

Street of Titi Town

David (left) and Yong YK

The famous kuih-selling shop

The kuih that I bought
There are only 2 streets in Titi town and feeling nothing much to see, we decided to proceed to Broga on the suggestion of Anthony. As we were driving to the next destination, we saw Titi Eco Farm on the way, but it was again closed. What a disappointment!

From left: Soh Ai and Kan Pian who didn't want to walk the suspension bridge and see the Monkey God statue.
A pose in front of the Sak Dato Temple
We reached Broga at about 12.35am. It is a small town that sits on the border of Selangor and Negri Sembilan. We visited the Sak Dato Temple (石哪督庙) which is a tourist spot and landmark in Broga. The temple is surrounded by lush green hills of tropical rainforest and combination with rocky hill. It is also adorned with statues and landscapes depicting characters and scenes from Chinese folklore and fairy tales.

Cable-stayed suspension bridge

Yong YK and David Ng

Monkey God statue

From left: me, Yong YK, David Ng and his wife and son

From left: SengJye and Wai Kit

From left: SongYew and Wai Kei

A pose with Anthony (pic right)
Two attractions there are the suspension bridge (about 112 m long) and a gigantic “Sun Wukong” or Monkey God (孙悟空, about 70 ft tall) statue perched atop a boulder. I haven’t seen such a statue in any other places before.

We left Broga at about 1.30pm and went to Semenyih 辣汤 restaurant for lunch at about 2.00pm. As most of us were not very hungry, we only ordered 5 dishes including steamed talapia, clay-pot spicy soup, plain taufu, vege and bitter gourd omelette (total RM 123.00 to be shared equally).

We reached home at 3.25pm and concluded a considerably satisfactory outing with family members and friends.